Camberley Web Design

We are a digital agency based in Camberley. We work with start ups and SME's and have helped many clients since our creation in 2005.

We specialise in Laravel, Codeigniter, WordPress and Magento. We deal with every step of the development process from wireframing to design to development.

Our Work


Florida Villas 192

Richard, Surrey

We are a Vacation holiday home listing site. We carefully chose our web developers and platform after nearly years of planning. We can not thank Craig and Jengnet enough for the work they put in. Within a couple of years we had 30 properties which had collectively received well over a 100 enquiries all from organic search. We have been so impressed with this as we have not actually invested any money in SEO yet and seem to have a sustainable position in the search engines. We chose Laravel as they platform which has been great for us with the flexibility and modern features it offers.

Showcase Creative

We have been working with Craig and Jengnet since 2006 when we were a start up. We are now an established brand with a strong online presence. In the early days, Craig significantly helped us with online marketing and organic SEO. In many ways this has helped shape our online presence today as we still get decent volumes of organic traffic that make up around 70% of our sales. This has been a direct result of the early work Craig put in to our SEO strategy, which we are very grateful for. We have found Craig very easy to work with and he has always gone out of his way to share his knowledge with us which has also helped with our internal decision making regarding our online E-Commerce.

Paul Batey, MD

JSA Service

Craig built us a new web site in 2014. Before that we had a very old site that we had had probably since the 1990's. We are so pleased we eventually made the decision to get a new site as our web enquiries have significantly increased and we get so much more positive feedback from our clients. Craig built us a content management system, which allows us to update our content, add new pages and organise our enquiries all from the back end. Craig was a joy to work with and we will continue using him and recommending him for all our future web related work.

Allan Wilkinson, MD

J McCormack & Sons

Craig originally built us a new web site round a decade ago. It has proved to be very helpful as we get a number of enquiries each week from people that have found our site organically on Google. We literally do not spend any money on marketing at all as all of our business comes from existing customers or the web site. We can not thank Craig enough for the efforts he has put in to our online presence as we did not even pay him extra for SEO, ensuring the site was Google friendly was part of the site build budget. We now have a new site for 2015, which is responsive and just looks awesome. We are so happy with it as we feel our online presence is so much stronger than our competition.

Dan McCormack, Owner



Unit Testing with PHPUnit

21st May 2015

Unit testing with PHPUnit is an integral part to maintaining PHP based projects. PHPUnit is the industry standard testing framework that allows developers to unit test their code


Responsive web design

20th Nov 2013

As technology has advanced, screen sizes have got smaller and larger at the same time. This means that the canvas that us developers have to work with is constantly changing.


Speed up your jQuery apps

22nd Nov 2011

jQuery along with a couple of other frameworks has almost revolutionised the use of Javascript. This has made powerful methods available to developers of all levels, but has also made it easy for clunky code to be written. The good news is that there is some very simple techniques that can be applied to speed up your apps.


Cool CSS3

6th Apr 2010

This is such a great time to be a web designer or developer. The technology and techniques that are available today could of only been imaginable a few years back. Amoungst these fantastic technologies that are now readily available is CSS3.


IE6 common bug fixes

16th Jul 2008

For many Developers IE6 is the bane of their lives. It is awful at implementing standards, it is clunky and there are loads of bugs. The bad news is that Microsoft intend on supporting this nightmare until 2014.


SEO in a nut shell

5th Nov 2007

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of tweaking web sites to improve rankings. SEO is split into two parts, the first being on page optimisation while the second is off page optimisation.

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